Creative Block

I have hit a wall in production. It is review week and I have the first ten minutes of my show made. I am finding it hard to get beyond these ten minutes. I want the programme to have personal elements, where I am struggling is figuring out where and how to place other interviews.

I will ask what my executive producers think. I am becoming aware we are running out of time and I have two other classes to worry about. I feel time is not on my side for this level of production.



I feel I am out of the slump I was in with  the lack of interviews. Its the first time in a long time I have really struggled to get people involved. Everyone told me my idea was exciting and interesting but no one wanted to be a part of it. It knocked my confidence.

I have collected a number of great interviews over the past few weeks and I have my SFX and actuality ready to edit together and work out the narrative flow. Its going good! 



I had this idea about pre-life, that we are the music of our parents. We are our parents lifestyles, influences and decisions before and whilst we are in the womb. I also spoke to Helen Driscoll who suggested there is a battle going on between parent and the baby in the womb. At this time of pregnancy, of connection and joy there is a serious fight for resources. It got me thinking, when do we begin the battle for survival and when do we stop, or do we stop?

Trees move in cycles or stages so I am also looking at human stages, splitting the show into six parts. I wrote a poem about the life cycle of a tree and my own life cycle as a human so far. I also mention those who didn't make it to see me at this stage. I think many people will relate to this air of life and loss. A circular narrative that we are bound into through no fault of our own. Did we choose to be? Or did we simply win the fight? Birth and life is winning the battle but is death not the war we rail against?



I am exploring sound effects and recording actuality. This project is turning into a very important collection. A collection of sounds and voices. I think very hard about each element and I hope it shows in the final production. The elements I hope to represent in sound are important. I am imagining life up until the fear of death. I want every part of the show to display artistic significance.



Question I hadn't thought about that came from my last post. What is your earliest memory? When does memory begin in The Brain Garden? Something to think about.



I've had the title 'The Brain Garden' in my head for several years. I always wanted to write or create something with that title. I came up with this concept of a brain garden and it inspired lots of my poetry.

I collect crystals, minerals, rocks and fossils and I was looking at a fossil thinking... This stone was a living creature. It likely had a lifestyle, a life cycle, thoughts and a family. What was that creatures life? Its life is now set in stone but we still know very little. Where are its memories held? What was its life experience? 

The Brain Garden is this area of the brain where we carve our own narrative. The Brain Garden exists in The Growth Kingdom, The Growth Kingdom being life. 

Life has seasons as does nature and we are all connected and rooted in living. In nature there is beauty in death, so why do we fear it so much? Doesn't death lead to re growth? Living is a circular narrative. I hope to touch upon all of these ideas in my programme.

I am also inspired by my background in visual art. I love surrealism and find myself drawn to it. One artist I find myself increasingly interested in is Igor Morski. His images resemble my own visions of what living and being is.

Morski, I (2017) 'Igor Morski - Portfolio', Available at: http://www.igor.morski.pl/ (Accessed:26/02/17)



I am listening to 'The Minds Eye' on BBC Radio Three. The themes included are interesting to me. The use of many overlapping voices is beautiful and I would love to create something like this but as I am struggling to  get interviews, I don't think that's possible. The sound effects are great and it is placing focus in my mind to concentrate on sound more than voice. 

BBC Radio Three (2016) 'Between the Ears: The Minds Eye', Available at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07y9nlv (Accessed: 23/02/17)



Many of the stories within this show are very personal. I will run through my own life, the life of a tree, the life and opinions of others. Its everything but also nothing.