18 July 2016

Dont Be Scared, Go Outside

With all that has been going on around the world, I wanted to address fear. I think fear is justified but does not solve the issues we face. I think it entices people to think, vote and act in a more extreme and irrational manner. How do we conquer fear rationally? How do we show strength in dark times? ... By going outside!

16 January 2015

One Young World : Radio Show

Here it is! The show I created at the One Young World Summit last year! Hope you all love and listen! It was a fantastic event and I would like to thank everyone involved in these amazing interviews!

30 May 2014

Great British Write Off

I have created a special poem for the Great British Write Off this year. I am hoping to win it. The prize is money towards book printing. Its my dream to publish my poetry and for it to reach a mass audience so, fingers crossed! - Stuart Russell

2 May 2014

Arts In Fife Radio

Stuart has secured his own radio show all about creativity in Fife, Scotland. Listen to it on K107 FM every Tuesday at 13:30. You can also listen to the show online. 

14 February 2014

LGBT Anthology

My poem "Eyelash" will be published in a new book called "Naked Among Thistles". The book will be released this month and it celebrates LGBT culture in Scotland. I am so excited about this new book and hope to read my poem at the launch event this month.

1 February 2014

New Venture

Arts In Fife creator, Stuart Russell BEM, is working with Fife College Students Association to deliver an arts page in their monthly newsletter. This is an exciting opportunity and hopes to introduce students to local creativity. 

"This will be a fun project and shall further promote the work I do. I am really excited about this opportunity. Sharing local arts with local students will be brilliant!" - Stuart Russell BEM

1 January 2014

Stuart Russell - British Empire Medallist

I have been awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) for services to the arts in Fife. It is really great to be rewarded for six hard years of voluntary work. My community projects, Arts In Fife & Arts In Britain are very important to me and I just want to say thankyou for all the support. I hope to continue my work talking about, writing about, reading about, creating, displaying and researching art. I am passionate about it and I hope it shows through my six years of service to volunteering and the arts. - Stuart Russell (22)