Interview - Jessie Russell

I decided to interview my gran (fathers mother). I wanted to ask her about any memories of me as a child and about her own life, love and loss.


Inspiration: Life & Death

I made the decision to deal with life and death in sound. I played this collection of music during my pitch to give a flavor of the type of show I will create.


Thinking 03

We ask, what is there to understand? Is there anything to understand? What are we striving towards? Where does this lead? Can we lead? Am I a fool for believing in myself? In anything? Where are we going?

Thinking 02

This space is nothing. It is empty and we strive for life to be full. What is it? What is the point? When will we be anything?


Thinking 01

I'm not sure what to expect from all of this. This searching for the brain garden. What if its salted and nothing can grow there? The destination is not what it seems. Are we more? I want us to be more. This can't be all there is. It cant be.



Eyebrow Media

Coming up with the name for my production company was inevitable. I wanted the name to reflect me as a sole producer. I tend to create highly original and very artistic audio content, some may say highbrow. I also have highly sought after brows myself, then it came to me...